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Aldo, 21, vegan, punk, crust, grind, metal, hardcore, love vodka, just another asshole with family, friends and a life... life?

2 years now, days fly!The human being I’m happy with♥

2 years now, days fly!
The human being I’m happy with♥

excxcxpx said: id stud around the whole back patch but thats just me.

I did on a vest already and I’m planning doing it on my jacket, I have a crisis now because I have a plan for another vest but got two and don’t know on wich one I should start my proyect, having ridiculous clothes it’s frustrating tho’ hahahaha thanks for the opinion.


Ilustrations by the incredible Carol Rossetti check her out and follow her here!



Lost Disorder photos. Steve Allen’s mullet hawk=hair goals



Cold. Brutal. Aggressive. Awesome. Go listen to the new Young And In the Way right now.

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Don't know what to do with back of the new vest I'm making, should I stud the whole back or just the upper back? consider that my backpatch is rectangle shaped.


Zouo - I believe in violence 1984